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Acupressure Points


Acupressure is a combination of applying pressure and pinpointing specific acupuncture points.  If you apply the right amount of pressure to the right combination of points it can be very effective for everything from weight loss, stop smoking, low back pain, headaches, neck pain, playing better golf, insomnia, even face lifts.

How much pressure should be used during acupressure

On average this pressure should be deep or strong enough to elicit at least a mild sensation.  In my opinion if you are too light you probably will not elicit the stimulation to the point you are after.  In Acupuncture there is a stimulation of an energy called Qi that is targeted.  In order to stimulate this energy I recommend you elicit what is called Ashi, a sensation of tenderness.

How often should you perform Acupressure

To be effective these meridians should be stimulated regularly.  I recommend the stimulation of the points at least three times a day, or as often as your symptoms demand.  If you are using acupressure for weight loss, you would in addition to the three times a say stimulate the points whenever hunger or cravings occur.  If you are using acupressure for stop smoking you should stimulate the points three times a day and additionally whenever you have a desire to smoke.  If you are using acupressure for pain the procedure should be done three times a day then again whenever you start feeling the pain return.

Is there an easier or maybe a more effective approach

Dr. Schneider has developed the AcuAids program.  It incorporates a stimulation of acupressure points using AcuAids patches.  He also incorporated neuroprogramming which is brainwave entrainment along with positive affirmations through hypnosis.  This program will provide you the ease of stimulating acupressure points without the need to manually perform the stimulation.

Tell me how you have used Acupressure to help yourself

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Jeanette Schneider January 21, 2013 at 2:01 am

Info on weight loss, headaches, knee pain and to stop smoking. More information would be helpful. Also, physical therapy for son who possibly has minimal nerve damage from work related accident.

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