AcuAids therapy is considered a non-medical procedure combining
the affects of acupuncture, neuroprogramming and hypnosis.

Treatment with AcuAids acupuncture therapy helps to promote the
increase in blood flow to the breast tissue.  

Treatment with hypnosis & neuroprogramming helps you to
subconsciously focus your mind's power to increase blood flow
and enlarge the size of your breasts.  

Watch the DVD for an introduction to acupuncture and instructions
on locating the points.  you may also refer to the small credit card
size instruction card to locate the points.  The picture on the card
shows you where the points are located.  the back of the card
provides easy to follow instructions on locating the points.   Remove
the band-aid and attached BeeBee from the card, simply apply to
those points.

It is recommended that you apply the AcuAids for at
least 8 hours while you sleep. However, You may leave on for as long
2 to 3 days at a time.  The adhesive qualities of the bandaids will
reduce over 2 or 3 days, replace with new one's at that time.  Ear
points are to be applied to one side at a time.  Leave on for 3 to 5 days,
then remove and apply new acuaids to the other ear.     Continue this
process for the entire one month program.

If swelling occurs at the points, simply discontinue use
until the swelling subsides, then re-apply.

You may not begin to see results until  4 to 8 weeks, although some
will see results sooner and some people may take longer.

Listen to the Cd every night before bed

Precautions: If you are pregnant, have a pace maker or
defibrillator do not use unless under the direction of a
qualified physician.  Not intended for children under 12
Ships in approximately 7 days
AcuAids  includes
1.AcuAids Magnetic Patches- are  
applied to acupuncture points
2.AcuAids Replacement band-aids
3.AcuAids beebees applied to Ear
4.Credit card size instruction card,
which includes point location on
the front and a detailed
description of how to locate each
point on the back of the card
5.Instructional DVD & CD for
hypnosis & neuroprogramming
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Larger Breast without surgery, creams, vitamins or herbs, is it possible?

Most women would love larger firmer breast however surgeries, hormones, vitamins and herbs have so
many drawbacks.  Could Acupuncture, Neuroprogramming and Hypnosis be an alternative solution?
American women are infatuated with larger, firmer, more voluptuous breasts. However, more and more
women are discovering their breast implants are more trouble than good.  Their cherished breast
implants have lead to disease, illness and disfigurement.  They have lost their insurance, health, beauty,
vitality, families, careers and all to often even their lives.  
Risks are associated with breast augmentation and include bleeding, infection, unexpected scarring,
decreased sensation, interfering with breast feeding, inhibition of breast cancer detection, pain, capsular
contraction, hardening of the breast, disfigurement, allergic reaction, leakage, autoimmune diseases,
and possible death.  
You would imagine considering these dangers that only the disfigured or surgically damaged breast
patients would consider such a procedure.  However, the women who have undergone breast
augmentation are your ordinary average person around 33 years of age.  They are college educated,
have children and surprisingly, spent over a year researching and considering their surgery.
Breast enlargement is the second most common cosmetic surgical procedure practiced on women in
the United States.  There are over 125,000-breast augmentation procedures performed each year.  That
is approximately 10% or over two million women in the United States who have breast implants.    
Amidst the concerns regarding the safety of breast augmentation, AcuAids announces the release of a
product that allows the consumer to experience all the benefits of breast enhancement without the
dangers or health concerns.  AcuAids is a program developed by a Physician and Acupuncturist.  The
inspiration for the product came about because of Dr.Schneider’s concern for the health of women who
desire improved breast health, along with concerns regarding the side affects associated with creams,
hormones, herbs and surgery.  He developed a program to include: Acupuncture point stimulation,
Hypnosis and Neuroprogramming.  According to Dr. Schneider, “combining these therapies together
provides an individual the greatest probability of success with regards to enlarging the breast tissue.”
AcuAids utilizes magnetic therapy as a way of stimulating Acupuncture points.  The points utilized assist
your body with reprogramming and balancing its energy, called Chi. When this energy flow is enhanced
you can improve the health of the tissues, increasing the blood flow and proliferation of cells within the
breast.  Hypnosis techniques utilized within the program will help you to discover the power of your
mind’s focus to improve the health of the tissues, and increase the blood flow and proliferation of the
cells specifically within the breast.  Neuroprogramming utilizes specific sound waves and frequencies
interlaced within the background of music to reprogram brainwave patterns enhancing the effect your
mind’s focus.  Dr. Schneider indicated, “When all of these therapies are combined together you get the
affect of reprogramming or training your mind to make changes in your body such as enlarging the
Those interested in learning more about these therapies and the AcuAids program can visit www.
About AcuAids Inc.  AcuAids innovative technologies provide consumers access to some of the most
state-of-the-art therapies within the convenience of their homes.  Dr. William Schneider D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.
Ac, a holistic physician and Acupuncturist, founded the company.  AcuAids is an approach utilized for
many differing ailments.  The most popular AcuAids products are for Breast Enlargement, Weight loss,
Stop Smoking, Facelift, Insomnia, Headaches, and Playing Better Golf.  AcuAids are also available for
Stress/Anxiety/Depression, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Low
Back Pain, Knee Pain, Golfer’s Elbow, and Allergies/Sinusitis, and other conditions.
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